Move Bing innovative markup as is in bid reactions

Move Bing innovative markup as is in bid reactions

To be able to destination a quote containing an SDK made ad, their bid reaction must through the SDK’s ID retrieved from the bid consult, along with the data that’ll be rendered by that SDK. The Bing method reveals this via the [].sdk_rendered_ad industry, and OpenRTB process via BidResponse.seatbid[].bid[].ext.sdk_rendered_ad . You can discover more and more the SdkRenderedAd information when you look at the Bing and OpenRTB protocol guides.

Google requirements discrepancy solution (Beta)

This particular aspect will make certain that how many thoughts which is why an exchange was billed aligns making use of few thoughts which are paid by Bing screen & Video 360 (DV360).

By truthfully distinguishing DV360 impressions which were offered by start Bidding, Google may then change for offer junk e-mail and billable event discrepancies to make sure you aren’t charged for impressions that you commonly compensated.

Propagate google_query_id in quote needs

To make certain that the amount of appropriate thoughts fits across Bing need, the google_query_id need to be propagated as it is from Open Bidding needs to Google requirements platforms. This really is a prerequisite to Open Bidding discrepancy solution. The current expected period of the google_query_id is about 64 bytes.

Propagate third_party_buyer_token in bid replies

In the event that the Google need system gains a trade’s inner public auction, third_party_buyer_token area must certanly be propagated as well as in the quote reaction right back through Open putting in a bid perception. This permits yahoo author systems to determine that the winning quote from an Open Bidding mate try a bid on behalf of Google demand for the same perception opportunity. Current greatest period of this area is expected becoming 150 bytes.

So that you can make certain the discrepancy resolution applies to bids from Google requirements, a change is required to propagate yahoo imaginative es, or MASSIVE wrappers). As a result of difference quality, Bing may invalidate and never invoice for all Open Bidding thoughts that have beenn’t mentioned by Google requirements systems. Bing will occasionally see creative markup to confirm that estimates with third_party_buyer_token comprise provided for Bing requirements, and never some other purchaser.

HTML5 creatives

an exchange is required to send yahoo HTML markup as is, with exchange-specific macro expansions that typically use, and, optionally, further tracker pixels or scripts an exchange normally adds.

Google is unable to pertain discrepancy solution if an exchange wraps Bing HTML artistic into a tag ( software , iframe , and other skills) that subsequently weight or give Google code.

Matches technical demands

Inside example, Google (DV360) innovative code from the quote response was passed verbatim, prepended and appended with an exchange-specific HTML code.

Cannot see technical requirements

In this example, imaginative html page returned by Bing is obfuscated in quote reaction supplied by a change and will not come verbatim for the bid impulse. Google-provided html page could get made by an exchange-provided wrapper for the browser.

SIGNIFICANT video creatives

To be entitled to the difference solution, a change is required to need among the appropriate methods to populate VASTTagURI in MASSIVE XML responses:

  1. a change can conserve the value of VASTTagURI aspect included in VAST XML document returned by Bing in adm industry as it is, with exchange-specific macro expansions that ordinarily pertain.
  2. DV360 can populate the nurl industry with a massive document Address in bid answers to an exchange. an exchange can then go the worth of nurl that yahoo (DV360) reacts with in VASTTagURI label, with exchange-specific macros broadened normally as required.
Touches technical requirements

Within sample, Google (DV360) creative MASSIVE URI from the bid response was passed verbatim, with a trade incorporating their certain SIGNIFICANT event and error trackers.

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