An excellent several to sixteen year old working-class guy with a nautical hat and you may Adidas and you will Nike fuckin every where else

An excellent several to sixteen year old working-class guy with a nautical hat and you may Adidas and you will Nike fuckin every where else

Eshay is a dishonest keyword this means druggy, store lifter, butt fucker, rapist or an effective stabber (Stauncher) and all of eshays walk-around such they own this new fucking put

It is said terms particularly Ya dog cunt

  • Example: Oi Michael jordan are an effective fuckin wannabe eshay lookin twat

Wankers you to wear American chicas escort Rialto recreations communities hats, athletics jeans and you will loose (constantly striped) tees and you will sneakers that are lighter super fast white than simply an albino in the sun.

People say conditions such as Ya puppy snatch

  • Example: “You to Jarrod man is actually an eshay cuuunnnntt”

A young child with a great distraught mental status leading them to believe he or she is banging greatest crap but are really the shitty turds around the world

They state words particularly Ya canine crotch

  • Example: Oi eshay chap, rating tha fuk of ma lawn u stupid fuckface!

Pig latin keyword to possess “yes” then followed by the losers and you may lowlifes whom lacked the brand new intelligence to choose up some other part of so it simplified primary college yard vocabulary, let alone people decent people. The text originally spent some time working by firmly taking the initial letter otherwise voice out-of a phrase, swinging they for the end, and you may incorporating it brand new “ay” sound so you can they, but their shortage of mind tissue wouldn’t even get that best. Very well shows you as to why nothing if the her or him even understand exactly what an effective “bra” was, given that they’re going to never see additional than just the mothers.

They say terminology such as Ya dog pussy

  • Example: Yes=esyay=eshay, No=O-nay=onnay, Bra=. =they are going to never ever discover one to, Men buddy=Bro=Brah!

Places cigs and you may a knife during the a bum wallet. Walks doing such as that they have the spot. Operate difficult it is in fact a vagina twat that will get dropped by an exact dos year old. Will try and you may challenge you for no reason. Pretends are great at baseball.

They do say terms and conditions such as for example Ya dog pussy

  • Example: “oi johnno consider this to be eshay pussy fuckin loser”

A mental disease in which anyone, generally speaking within their kids, keeps a personality very painful and you may unlikable it use stating all the they are doing try “pop music pillies and smoking billies” regarding expectations of surviving high school following getting the notice out of psychological state hotlines once they destroy its existence because of the skipping college and you may performing medicines so Centerlink provide him or her $200 fourteen days instead of operating.

Know the signs and symptoms of some one suffering from Esh: – Failure to help you pronounce terminology safely: Elizabeth.grams. “OI YA DOGGA Cunt GIV Me YA TNS” – Dislikes with the police force having looking to keep them safer and you will providing safeguards. – Resort in order to dressed in sport names but can’t actually outrun the newest cops. – Claims they may be able “roll ya” but could merely get it done when you look at the a small grouping of around three/far more experiencing an identical problems.

They claim terminology such as for example Ya dog pussy

  • Example: “A group away from eshays stole this new tns.”

an adolescent you to definitely wears labeled dresses, tns and contains a bum bag and you can tears lbs cones into the new daily, products and you may moves cunts. Nonetheless they offers a knife, lighters and you will bud on the bottom wallet. There are them almost everywhere instance departmental stores, instruct stations, skate areas practically everywhere. Give us ya tns ya screwing canine and you may Fuck a dozen. You will also have different kinds of Eshays like the OneFour Eshays, Brand new Chillint partner boi eshay, this new several eshay and you can theirs numerous. Nonetheless they consider they’re able to do no matter what the screw they want therefore if they need a combat it isn’t tough to victory unless of course it you will need to shank ya but the majority of those are to snatch to utilize indeed there knifes, around merely point they within ya such a twat puppy.

People say terminology such as Ya dog snatch

  • Example: Become round jimmys which have ya billy i got bud we have two cones ya puppy crotch

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